Catholic Charities is a non-profit social service agency.

Creating hope for members of all religions.





                                                Diocesan Director of Social Services

                                      Frank Vonch  (815) 399-4300





Adoption -  Click to Access Additional Information
Catholic Charities recruits, evaluates and approves families for dependent children needing permanent homes. Adoptive homesare licensed for infants,

older children, international children and those with special needs.



Licensing Number: 003972-11


Catholic Charities Diocese of Rockford - Adoption Grievance Policy & Procedure

Catholic Charities - Annual Report for Illinois Adoption Agencies


Counseling Services

Catholic Charities provides professional counseling and casework services for individuals, marriages and families experiencing a

variety of social, emotional and interpersonal problems.


Crisis Pregnancy Program - Click to Access Additional Information

Offering objective counseling services without costs, Catholic Charities aims to help people deal with the emotional and social

stress of an unplanned pregnancy. Our agency also provides assistance in securing appropriate medical and financial resources.



Concerned & Confidential Help is Available

Call us Toll Free 24 Hours a Day - Services Offered Free of Charge Regardless of Religious Belief


Adoptive Parents' Rights & Responsibilities in Illinois

Birth Parents' Rights & Responsibilities in Illinois


Foster Care

Catholic Charities recruits, evaluates and licenses families as foster homes to provide temporary care for dependent, abused,

neglected children until permanent planning can be arranged for their future security. Counseling services are also made

available to the child, foster family and natural family.


Becoming a foster parent in Illinois - Contact Us


2009 Implementation Plan (Microsoft Word Format)

Foster Parent Grievance Petition

Foster Parent Grievance Petition - Client Rights & Responsibilities Procedures



Parenting Education

Building stronger and happier families is the purpose of Catholic Charities Parenting Programs. Ten week courses are designed

to help families grow by addressing traditional values from a cultural viewpoint and focusing on interdependence and the

priority of children.

In addition, we work with families in determining their needs and providing a range of opportunities including education,

tutoring, mentoring and securing day care.

School Counseling

Catholic Charities offers a professional counseling program to children in Catholic grade schools. Services include case

identification, referral, crisis intervention, individual and group counseling and classroom intervention.


Bilingual Outreach Services

For the growing Spanish speaking community in our Diocese, Catholic Charities offers programs to link individuals and

families with appropriate marriage, family, and other types of counseling.

Outreach & Emergency Services

For individuals and families in need of food, clothing, shelter and employment, Catholic Charities helps to meet the needs

of the less fortunate and enable them to become self-sufficient.


Long Term Care Ombudsman Services
Our staff and trained volunteers of Catholic Charities work to protect the rights of individuals living in long term care

facilities by resolving problems and grievances, providing information and encouraging facilities and others to be more

responsive to the needs of older adults. In addition, we work with parishes and local communities to promote awareness

of the needs of the elderly and of resources available in the community.


Diocese of Rockford - Long Term Care Ombudsman Program Brochure (1.5MB File)

Immigration/Refugee Resettlement

With the goal of earliest self-sufficiency and belonging, Catholic Charities provides a wide array of services to incoming

immigrants and refugees which include arranging suitable housing, food, clothing and sponsors.

Diocese of Rockford - Catholic Charities Immigration & Refugee Presentation  (13MB File)

Physician Referral Services

Catholic Charities aims to provide access to appropriate health care in a dignified manner for persons on Medicaid by

distributing patient caseload in an equitable and voluntary manner among participating physicians. Through our referral

line we assess client needs and match patients with available physicians who are recruited on a continuing basis.