Catholic Charities is a non-profit social service agency.

Creating hope for members of all religions.





                                                Diocesan Director of Social Services

                                      Frank Vonch  (815) 399-4300



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              Adoption Caseworkers


                       Adoption caseworkers recruit, evaluate and make recommendations for licensed
                       adoptive candidates, implement placement of children, provide pregnancy
                       counseling, facilitate alternatives available, and assist expectant parents in
                       reaching a sound decision. Successful candidates will hold a bachelor degree in
                       social work, psychology, or in a related field.  They must also possess the ability
                       to pass state licensure tests.




                       Caseaides provide and monitor parental and sibling visits to ensure safety,
                       maintain accurate case notes, and to transport children and families as needed.
                       Successful candidates will hold a high school diploma or GED with interest in
                       the social service field


                 Clerical Support Staff


                       Secretary/Receptionist support provide clerical support to Staff.  Duties include
                       providing reception and general clerical duties, answering the phone, entering
                       data and preparing billings, preparing billings and recording receipted
                       payments, composing and typing correspondence, providing accounts payable
                       to Administration, providing disbursements from petty cash, maintaining petty
                       cash and checking and providing services for office operation. Successful
                       candidates will hold a high school diploma or equivalent education and


                 Physician Referral


                       Physician Referral Coordintor operates the Physician Referral telephone line to
                       receive calls and verify client eligibility.  Responsible for referring Medicaid clients
                       to doctors and other community resources and for referring pediatric clients for
                       the Kane County Health Department.


                 Physician Referral Director


                       Physician Referral Director position is for 37.5 hours a week and would require
                       an individual to provide overall support, coordination and direction to Physician
                       Referral Services. Responsibilities would include the planning, coordination,
                       staffing, and communication within the program to effectively deliver quality
                       services throughout the service area.  The Director would attend commission
                       meetings, provide physician outreach, and maintain community contacts and
                       public relations.  Candidates must have Associates degree or equivalent from a
                       two-year college or technical school; or six months to one year related
                       experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and


                 Bi-lingual Outreach


                       Bi-lingual Outreach Caseworkers assist members of the community in
                       accessing and utilizing the services and programs of the area by means of
                       advocacy, translation and transportation; they assist with referrals; and
                       ensure individuals and families understand the availability of services and their
                       responsibilities and obligations for those they receive. Our bi-lingual
                       caseworkers have a bachelor's degree or a high-school diploma along with
                       experience in delivering human services.  They are also fluent in bi-lingual
                       skills in Spanish and English.


                 Foster Care Caseworker


                       Foster care caseworkers implement placement of children, complete family
                      assessments, and develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate client
                      service plans. Successful candidates will hold a bachelor degree in social work,
                      psychology, or in a related field.  They must also possess the ability to pass state
                      licensure tests.




                       Recruiting/Licensing caseworkers recruit foster parents and provide training.  
                       Assist in the licensing process of foster homes and in placement of children
                       in need of substitute care.  Develop recruitment and training programs for
                       special needs foster homes.  Identify appropriate placements for foster children
                       using state approved matching tools.  Work with child welfare staff to assist in all
                       aspects of the placement process and in assessing the needs for various types
                       of homes.  Ensure foster homes meet all licensing standards.  Maintain case
                       files to ensure compliance with state regulations, and provide regular monitoring
                       as required.  Successful candidates will hold a bachelor degree in social work,
                       psychology, or in a related field.  They must also possess the ability to pass state
                       licensure tests.


                 Regional Director


                       This position is responsible for the daily operation and management of
                       designated regional and satellite offices, for the management of staff, and for the
                       implementation and administration of agency programs.  Successful candidate
                      will be a Catholic in good standing.  Individual must possess excellent written
                       and verbal communication skills, well developed organizational skills and work
                       collaboratively with staff at all levels.  Master degree in social work or related field
                       required as well as five or more years in social work programs with experience in
                       child welfare, counseling and supervision.




                      Professional counselors provide professional, confidential counseling to
                      individuals, couples and families. Successful candidates will hold a master
                      degree in social work, psychology, counseling, or in a related field.  They must
                      also possess LCPC or LCSW or be in active preparation to attain license.


                 School Counselors


                      School counselors assist in identifying Catholic elementary school children with
                      social, emotional or learning problems and provide intervention on site or refer
                      the children to appropriate outside agencies. Successful candidates will hold a
                      masters degree and have several years of counseling experience and be a
                      Catholic in good standing.


                 Immigration & Refugee Caseworker


                       Immigration and Refugee Caseworkers provide service to clients in preparation
                       of applications and petitions for submission to the United States Citizenship and
                       Immigration Service.  Do intake assessment to determine the needs of the client
                       in respect to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service regulations.  Advise
                       clients of the availability of services. Ensure the clients are aware of their
                       responsibilities and obligations for the services they receive.  Prepare
                       appropriate petitions and applications as needed.  Maintain accurate case files
                       for each refugee family on their behalf.  Provide a friendly, positive environment
                       for the client.  Seek clarification on immigration law as needed from the Program
                       Director.  Serve as a resource to other staff with new information.  Must have a
                       high school diploma.


                 Foster Care Caseaid Coordinator


                      Foster Care Caseaide Coordinator has a High School Diploma or GED with
                      interest in social service.  Coordinator provides and monitors parental and
                      sibling visits to ensure safety; maintains accurate case notes; transports
                      children and families as needed; reports activities to caseworkers; oversees
                      other case aides in their duties; and provides scheduling of other caseaides to
                      organize and provide for the necessary transportation