Catholic Charities is a non-profit social service agency.

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                                                Diocesan Director of Social Services

                                      Frank Vonch  (815) 399-4300





                 Adoption Program

                 The Adoption Program serves to find permanent, stable, nurturing homes for children whose birthparents choose

                 adoption as an option, or for children whom birthparents' parental rights have been terminated due to abuse and/or neglect.

                 Our caseworkers are involved in the recruitment, training, evaluation, and licensing of potential adoptive families.  

                 We provide support and counseling to adoptive families during the adoption process, supervision and

                 assistance during the adjustment period before finalization.  Catholic Charities has three separate adoption programs;

                 the Healthy Infant Adoption Program, the Special  Needs Adoption  Program and the Intercountry Adoption



                 There are general standards and minimum requirements that apply to all prospective adoptive parents.

                 Catholic Charities operates under an Open Adoption philosophy.  This means open contact between

                 birth parents and adoptive parents is encouraged, where appropriate.   The birth parents are encouraged to

                 take an active role in selecting the adoptive family and to meet with the adoptive family.   The Agency encourages

                 both the birth parents and the adoptive parents to develop ongoing, long-term relationships.   Future contact

                 between the birth family and the adoptive family is discussed and agreed upon by parties. 


                 Please see the Option of Adoption Booklet under the Crisis Pregnancy Program.   Please refer to the Adoption Policy Guide

                 for Program Descriptions, Eligibility Requirements and Fee policy.    Please refer to the fee agreement to review Fees

                 and Refund Policy.  


                 Post Adoption Search and Reunion Program

                 Catholic Charities Post Adoption-Search and Reunion Program provides services to all those who have

                 adopted, relinquished a child for adoption, or been adopted through our Agency.  The services provided

                 through the Search Program include: preparing Adoption Histories of non-identifying information,

                 the updating of files, and conducting full search and reunions.


                 The decision to search or not, is a personal one made by an adoptee, birth parent or adoptive parent. 

                 The decision to search is often an emotionally intense decision, filled with anxiety and the unknown. 

                 When a member of the adoption triad makes the decision to initiate a search, it is usually based on the need

                 to know information. At the time of the adoption, the client(s) of the Agency was the birth parent(s). Catholic

                 Charities has an obligation to these individuals to honor any commitment of confidentiality made at the time

                 of the adoption, until such time as a formal effort has been made to contact them and determine whether their

                 feelings have changed. 


                 Please see the Adoption Search & Reunion Program Policy for program information and fees.

                 If you are interested in this program please contact our Search and Reunion Caseworker at the Elgin Office, 1-847-742-4525.


                 Crisis Pregnancy Program

                 The Crisis Pregnancy Program provides confidential supportive counseling and services to anyone

                 experiencing a crisis pregnancy.  The intent is to help expectant parents and their families cope with the

                 emotional, social and physical stress of the pregnancy, to assist in resolving personal and inter-personal

                 conflicts as related to the pregnancy, as well as assist them in making the best decision for themselves and their child.                                                                      


                 We assess each case individually and develop an appropriate case plan to meet the needs of the client. 

                 These needs may include medical care and costs, housing, educational, and financial needs. Throughout the

                 counseling we explore the client's plan for themselves and their child.  If they choose parenting, services are

                 provided to help them develop a support network, good parenting skills, and linkage to needed services. 

                 After the birth of the child, supportive services are available to assist in the adjustment of becoming a new parent.  

                 If they choose adoption as an option, we will assist the client in developing their own individual adoption plan

                 through our Open Adoption Program.   Please the Option of Adoption Booklet for more details of this program.


                 Our vision for the Crisis Pregnancy and Adoption Program is to support and promote respect for all human

                 life, to provide life-giving alternatives, and respond to, and advocate for, the rights of the unborn.


                 These services are available to everyone regardless of race, religion, income,  marital status or gender

                 at no cost to the clients.

                 If you or someone you know is need of these services, please contact the local office in your service area. 

                 See Locations to find your nearest office.